Flood of 2009

This spring has turned out to be a major flood event in the Red River Valley both north and south of the US/Canada boarder. These pictures, taken from a helicopter in mid-April, show some of the major flooding to the south of Winnipeg. The city of Winnipeg itself was spared for the most part. Areas to the north was effected by high water due to ice jams and later by huge blocks of ice pushed along by the high water.

As a Red Cross volunteer, I worked several shifts at the "Reception Center" set up at a community hockey arena on the south side of the city, to register folks having to evacuate. The province put them up in local hotels and provided a check to cover for daily food and other basic needs. They also put pets in local kennels if there was no other option. The Salvation Army provided food and drink for those arriving at the center.

Most areas to the south of the city are expected to see the water levels recede slowly and it is expected that many will not return to there homes until late May or later depending on the road conditions.

The first three pictures are just south of the city and further south along highway 75, the major dual highway from Winnipeg that connects to I-29 at the US boarder near Emerson, MB. Because Hwy 75 is closed we will have to take another route out of Manitoba when we leave for our trip on May 9th.

The next set of pictures are around Morris, MB. Highway 75 runs though Morris, the only major town between Winnipeg and the boarder.

The next two pictures are of the boarder crossing near Emerson, MB on Hwy 75.

This is another boarder crossing at Gretna, MB west of Emerson.

This ring dike is also near the boarder.

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